Liron Peled Liron Peled

LIRON PELED grew up as a metalhead with a jew-fro in the Middle East (by the Israeli-Syrian border). His journey through life took him from internationally-touring metal band EMOK, to concert-hall packing world music group Raquy and the Cavemen. And he continues to eat and breath metal music and Middle Eastern music as his core influences, which led him to develop the Dümset – the Middle Eastern Drum Set.
One day he discovered the transcendental power of Tuvan throat singing. As a long time dubstep fan, Liron’s world was rocked to know he could make his favorite synth sounds using just his voice. In an instant, it was clear to Liron his music MUST contain a transcendental element, with the sick drops and danceable beats of dubstep (reminiscent of similar elements in metal music).
As a performer, songwriter and composer, Liron has worked with artists such as Balkan Beat Box and Omar Faruk Tekbilek. His music has been featured in movie soundtracks and dance performances. He is actively touring in hope to inspire audiences by helping them reach altered states of consciousness naturally through music, combining sufi trance elements from the Middle East with Meditative Tuvan throat singing and the powerful and rich bass sound of dubstep and metal. A full solo album by Liron will be released in 2013.