Kill Genre Presents: Our Fourth Reading…”(No) Thanks!” Kill Genre Presents: Our Fourth Reading…”(No) Thanks!”

Kill Genre is a quarterly poetry reading series…minus the poetry. The first series of its kind, Kill Genre showcases groundbreaking works that push the boundaries of form and flirt dangerously with hybridity, integrates musical performance, and includes the audience in innovative ways.

Each show features 3-4 carefully curated, extraordinary writers and a compelling, playful theme, such as “In Which Poets Embarrass Themselves by Trying Their Hands at Plot”; “Cliffhangers are Key: Poets, Where Are You?”; “Poets, Tell Us About Yourselves (and Keep it Brief!)” and so forth.

Come see the best and most original poets in New York brandishing their skills in other genres—from fiction to essays to memoir to more experimental forms—because, when it comes to genre, it’s kill or be killed.