Eifo Hayeled Eifo Hayeled

One of the most prominent rock bands in Israel in tour!

“Eifo HaYeled” (“Where is the child”) was born in the mid-80’s and was one of the leading rock bands during the “gold period” of Israeli rock.

Their Debut album “Zman Sucar”, released in 1993, includes the hits “Ma SheOver Alay” (What I go through), “Nafalta Hazak” (fell into it), “Ehad Elohim” (One God) and more. Over the years, it sold tens of thousands of copies, got platinum album and is considered as a masterpiece of Israeli rock of all time.

After intensive years in the front of Israeli rock, with another 3 albums and hundreds of shows in most estimated and respectable stages – in 1998 the band broke up.

11 years later, in March 2009, due to enormous demand, Eifo Hayeled got back together with performances throughout the country and new songs, preserved and renewed the unique qualities of the band – strong melodies, sharp texts, special atmosphere and energies.

Since then they released two more studio albums, their latest came out this year (2017), named “Matok BaHashecha” (Sweet in the darkness). The album got great reviews and the band carried on with their energetic shows in front of thousands local loyal fans.

This November, the band will be touring the US for the first time ever! This will be a one off opportunity to watch the band at their best shape and enjoy one of Israeli’s best rock concerts.