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Edina Tokodi is an installation and graphic artist from Hungary. Tokodi studied graphic arts and printmaking at the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts and later moved to New York where she founded Mosstika, a creative studio that incorporates plant life and other materials found in the local natural environment with photos or graphic elements to dissolve the barriers between private and public space, the organic and inorganic elements of the urban landscape, and nature and art. Tokodi has been featured in numerous publication such as The New York Times’ T Magazine and Lens Blog, Wooster Collective, Dwell, Gothamist, Ballista Magazine, Inhabitat, and Greenopolis. Her work has been exhibited all over the United States, including in New York, Philadelphia, Cincinnati, Scottsdale, and San Francisco, and abroad in Budapest, London, Berlin, Tokyo, and Milan. Tokodi currently resides and works out of Brooklyn, New York.