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Caleb Eberhardt is “CE” (pronounced “see”), a self-produced Contemporary R&B/Hip Hop artist from San Francisco, CA. He currently resides in Brooklyn, NY.

Best known for being one-half of Quincy Vidal, a New York based boom-bap jazz/hip hop project, CE has been writing and producing music for upwards of 10 years.

Coping with the slow & painful loss of his father to Alzheimer’s, while subsequently ending a four year relationship with the love of his life, his first official solo project takes us deeper into the explorations of his guarded subconscious.

Weaving together hauntingly-smooth melodies, dark production, and viscerally raw verses, CE cross-breeds familiar genres in ways that are unexpected and sophisticated. The lush, yet unsettling, sonic environments of his songs create a platform for his words, which are sung and rapped without inhibition.

Drawing inspiration from Frank Ocean, Kendrick Lamar, and James Blake, CE is a progressive musician. Majestic, head-bobbing electronic beats can make the small Greenpoint bedroom where he writes/produces feel like a stadium. His lyrics, packed with relatable struggles and anthemic quotables, allow listeners rhythmic access to his complex mind. However, his inherent knowledge of “the classics” remain, making room for his gospel/folk roots to shine – ultimately coating every single song with a crisp, sexy, addictive, heart-wrenching layer of soulful melody.

“My audience is my therapist”, says CE. But the reverse is also true; while traveling with him, we travel within ourselves.

Let’s explore together.