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A paragon of the genre-less artist, ATELLER takes creative risks yet unseen along the electronic music spectrum. Emerging from the Tel Aviv underground with years of training in drums and jazz, Avishai Rozen has finally relocated himself to Brooklyn in pursuit of a solo production career, and is gaining recognition fast.
An innate eye for artistry and style in everyday life along with broad cultural experiences audibly seep through ATELLER’s music, resulting in a variety of future soul/r&b while encouraging a meditative-yet-passionate state, depending on the listener. ATELLER has depended on over sixteen years of percussion expertise to lead his track construction, while incorporating live bass, guitar, and even his own voice in performances with his band or solo at acclaimed venues across the globe.

ATELLER currently holds a monthly residency at Pianos New York and is slated to release an EP this spring, which will perhaps be the soundtrack to an intimate, zen moment or a passionate run at dusk, and is not for the faint of heart.