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Anni Rossi is a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and producer based in Brooklyn. She is classically trained and studied composition at Cal Arts. Her repertoire includes strumming her one-of-a-kind electric viola-guitar (crafted out of a treebranch by the mighty Thor Harris of Swans), composing music for Berlin Sun Theater at The Whitney Museum, euphonious pop harmonizing, dirty Aaliyah-inspired RnB jams and working with producer Steve Albini.

After parting ways with label 4AD in 2011, she found a wider frame of expression. Rossi is emerging from a period of playfully exploring several tangents of work woven by her creative instincts and raw responses to being human. She is currently working on a full length with co-producer Bobb Bruno (Best Coast) and just finished mixing an EP that she tracked at The Magic Shop in its final days. Rossi’s forthcoming mixtape entitled “HER” will be released on April 1st.