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Anni Rossi is a multi-instrumentalist and producer based in Brooklyn, New York known for crafting euphonious folk-pop and punk to lo-fi and dirty Aaliyah-inspired RnB mixtape with prank phone calls. She is notable for writing and performing with her one-of-a-kind electric viola that was handcrafted from a tree branch by her friend and former Swans percussionist Thor Harris. Rossiʼs unconventional performance style, which sees her plucking and strumming her viola like an electric-guitar has won praise from Pitchfork, who described it as “a huge part of her appeal… she emulates the sound of her ‘father shoveling snowʼ and ‘cars on icy packed roadsʼ with a fricative scrape of the strings.” Rossi has released several critically acclaimed EPs and albums, including 2009ʼs Rockwell, which was recorded in Chicago with engineer Steve Albini and released internationally by British record label 4AD. Her songs have appeared in episodes of Greyʼs Anatomy, Sirens and The Good Wife, and a large-scale theater work she composed with award-winning Marxist anthropologist Michael Taussig has been performed at New Yorkʼs Whitney Museum and Berlinʼs Haus der Kulturen der Welt.

Since parting ways with 4AD in 2011, Rossi has worked to expand her repertoire and find a wider frame of expression. She is now emerging from a period of playfully exploring several tangents of work woven by her creative instincts and raw responses to being human. With the help of Best Coast guitarist Bobb Bruno, she is currently putting the final touches on her third studio album which was recorded at his Yetiʼs Lair studio in Eagle Rock, California. The new work will see Rossi looking beyond the black and white framework that binds us to one another and exposing more of her emotional and mental interior.