SAUVE (South Asian Union Voltage Experiment) SAUVE (South Asian Union Voltage Experiment)

with NOIA, Grey Mcmurray, Gyan Riley, VANDANA, Jeremy Malvin, Qasim Naqvi, Batry Powr, Shahzad Ismaily, Arooj Aftab, Rafiq Bhatia

Sat August 17th, 2019


Main Space

Minimum Age: 18+

Doors Open: 6:00PM

Show Time: 6:30PM

Event Ticket: $20

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Join us for VOL.1 of SAUVE, an annual one-night, marathon style concert curated by Arooj Aftab. She hopes to create a one of its kind inspiring music platform that presents experimental collaborative new music in the electronic, modular, synthwave, dreamscape genre, with and around people of South Asian heritage.

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SAUVE (South Asian Union Voltage Experiment)

NOIA, Grey Mcmurray, Gyan Riley, VANDANA, Jeremy Malvin, Qasim Naqvi, Batry Powr, Shahzad Ismaily, Arooj Aftab, Rafiq Bhatia

RAFIQ BHATIA  Heralded as “one of the most intriguing figures in music today” by the New York Times, composer, producer, and guitarist Rafiq Bhatia‘s music reconciles meticulous sound art with mercurial improvisation to deliver searing emotional intensity.

NOIA Indie-pop queen, Gisela Fulla-Silvestre, also known as NOIA, is in musical league of her own. Her celestial voice and transcendental beats complement each other, effectively mesmerizing her audience.

GREY MCMURRAY Guitarist, singer and producer Grey Mcmurray has been called “sublimely odd” (New York Magazine) and “the world’s least obtrusive guitarist” (The Guardian).

GYAN RILEY “Gyan Riley is a one-man American-music machine, amicably ranging across the fields of jazz, world music, and post-minimalism.” -The New Yorker

VANDANA “Fusing elements of dark wave electronica with experimental pop, Vandana’s music embraces womanhood and otherness as if from inside the mouth of a cave. The resultant patchwork of musical influences to which she has been exposed are instantly audible within her own mesmeric and haunting work.” -The Line of Best Fit

QASIM NAQVI When he’s not on tour as the drummer of Dawn of Midi, Brooklyn-based composer Qasim Naqvi creates original music for film, dance, theatre and international chamber ensembles. His most recent work delves deep into the timbres of analogue synthesizers and orchestral configurations.

SHAHZAD ISMAILY is a multi-instrumentalist composer, studio owner, and film scorer. Ismaily has recorded and performed with an incredibly diverse assemblage of musicians, including Laurie Anderson and Lou Reed, Tom Waits, and Jolie Holland to name a few.

AROOJ AFTAB is a neo-sufi and minimalist composer/singer who gracefully experiments and bends the lines between ancient mysic poetry, south asian classical, jazz, soul and electronic dreamscape musics. She is the founder and curator of the SAUVE festival.

JEREMY MALVIN With a background in classical percussion, Jeremy combines his love for synthesizers, beat music, and dance music into a unique blend. Largely know as the artist Chrome Sparks, Jeremy will shelve his better known stage name to perform a special solo set at SAUVE.

Nicole Miglis, singer, multi-instrumentalist and primary songwriter of Hundred Waters, kicks off an incredible solo career with a project called BATRY POWR; an homage to the ambient, which is both soothing at times and tumultuous in a futuristically terrifying way.

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