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Watch Local Empire Take On SantaCon



Local Empire - SantaCon

If you set foot on the sidewalk in NYC last Saturday, you likely experienced something similar to this video about braving the SantaCon hordes. It’s by Local Empire, who premiere a new episode of their sketch comedy series each month in The Gallery at LPR.

Here’s Time Out New York‘s summary of the video:

“In the video, three buds stumble through downtown Manhattan in search of safety—a.k.a. a block with no bars—and take selfies with toasted Santas, narrowly avoid being peed on and come up with a plan to survive the daylong bar crawl. Watch the video embedded below, and count your blessings the event isn’t for another (gulp) year…provided the NYPD doesn’t ban it.”

Watch the rest of Local Empire’s new holiday-themed episode, which they presented this past Tuesday in The Gallery at LPR, and look out for their next episode in January!
posted by John