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Legendary Pink Dots

File Under: alternative, electronic, experimental, psychedelic
Legendary Pink Dots are an experimental rock band formed in London in August 1980. Although far outside the mainstream, they have released more than 40 albums and have a devoted worldwide following.
Join us TOMORROW (10/29) for the Legendary Pink Dots @LPR! To purchase tickets, click here!

Cloud Cult
File Under: experimental, indie pop, rock

Cloud Cult is an experimental indie rock band from Minneapolis, Minnesota. The band’s founder and singer Craig Minowa has a degree in Environmental Science, an
d his environmental, political, and social awareness is reflected in much of Cloud Cult’s music. The band’s self-created non-profit record label, Earthology Records, uses the most environmentally friendly methods available to ensure minimum damage to the environment.
Cloud Cult will be performing w/ Fort Wilson Riot @ LPR Saturday, October 30th! To purchase tickets, click here!

Shout Out Out Out Out/Free Blood
File Under: canadian, dance punk, electro, indierock
Shout Out Out Out Out: …And so it goes, Shout Out Out Out Out emerged from the frozen north as an all-rhythm section, high-kicking, collection of local rock stalwarts, diving headfirst into the world of electronic music. A formidable for
ce and a live spectacle from the get-go, with two drummers, four bass players, and an entirely appropriate mountain of analog synthesizers. Like in every band’s not-so-secret dream, local support grew to national buzz, national acclaim grew to international buzz, and the upward momentum just keeps pushing on.
Free Blood: Music to fuel awkward sexual dalliances, desperate yelled misunderstandings on the dance floor, toilets over-flowing with the night’s collective regurgitation
, lonesome midnight ramblings, hair-brained (possibly illegal) parlour games, stereo components fried by heat and moisture, backyard furniture bonfires, power outages, mass hallucination, etc.

Join us for Shout Out Out Out Out and Free Blood @ LPR on Tuesday, November 2n
d! To purchase tickets, click here!

James Chance & The Contortions
File Under: indie, no wave, new wave, punk

One of the original punk jazz groups of the New York No Wave scene, the Contortions were led by saxophonist James Chance, aka James White (birth name James Siegfried). The group formed in New York City in 1977 and ended along with the No Wave scene in 1979.
James Chance & The Contortions will be performing with their original lineup!!
Join us on Saturday, November 13th for James Chance & The Contortions! To purchase tickets, click here!

Glenn Branca World Premiere of Symphony No. 15
“Running Through The World Like An Open Razor” (Music for Strange Orchestra)
File Under: classical, contemporary classical, no wave, punk
Branca’s newest symphony may be his most entertaining. Using a tremendous variety of instrumentation Branca has created seven widely contrasting movements. Although the piece is unlike much of his earlier work it is distinctively Branca’s. From softly undulating washes of sound to rich changing neo-harmony to resonant fields of acoustic phenomena to roaring musical brutalism and even to parody this symphony is a tour de force on the razor’s edge of 21st Century new music.

In this performance Branca will be conducting an ensemble of 12 musicians playing more than 100 varying instruments, both acoustic and electric, many built, altered or prepared specifically for this production.

Like a music that’s never been heard before might sound this piece creates an extraordinarily unusual symphonic ambiance in a massive range of sound that thus far may be unprecedented in modern music.

**LPR will be offering a limited edition double vinyl pressing of the performance which will be:
  • Signed by Glenn Branca
  • Individually numbered
  • 2 discs on High Quality v180-gram vinyl
For more information on the vinyl, click here!
Join us for Glenn Branca on either of his performances @ LPR!
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