Stream OOIOO’s new gamelan-inspired album “Gamel”



“Something happens during the opening minutes of OOIOO’s new album Gamel that, in a canny sense, raises it above all other records released this year: It levitates,” Doug Mosurock writes for NPR Music’s First Listen.

Earlier this month we posted the excellent Gamel tracks “Jesso Testa” and “Atatawa,” and now First Listen is streaming the entire album ahead of its July 1st release and OOIOO’s US tour, which stops at LPR on Sunday, July 20th.

OOIOO is led by Boredom’s drummer Yoshimi, and Gamel, their first album since 2009’s Armonico Hewa, has been taking shape for most of the time in between. “Four years of work went into to making Gamel, their bold new album inspired by the Javanese style of gamelan and the first new music from Yoshimi in over five years,” according to their label Thrill Jockey. Drowned in Sound calls it “OOIOO’s most Boredomsy album to date,” and NPR’s Mosurock notes that, in addition to defying gravity, the album is a diverse and inspiring sonic adventure:

OOIOO“Over the course of Gamel’s 11 songs, the music takes on many forms — jazz inflections, funk-soul hustle, Sesame Street-style manic melodics, vocal progressive rock a la Christian Vander’s Magma — and never sits still long enough for the smile to fall from your face.”

OOIOO hasn’t toured the States since 2007, so you definitely don’t want to miss this rare chance to see them live. While you’re soaking up Gamel‘s great vibes, grab your tickets for the band’s 7/20 show at LPR.

posted by John