Stream Lily & Madeleine’s new album “Fumes”



Lily & Madeleine 
Indiana folk pop duo Lily & Madeline (who play LPR Thursday 11/6) are set to release Fumes on Sufjan Stevens’ Asthmatic Kitty label next week, but you can stream the new album right now via NPR’s First Listen.
Fumes is the followup to the two siblings’ self-titled 2013 debut, and NPR’s Katie Presley notes the album’s deceptive simplicity and the sisterly magic at the heart of the duo’s music:
“Fumes is a misleading record, the way a masterfully performed dance is misleading: It looks easy only because the complexities behind it are unfathomable to outsiders. There’s a borderlessness to Lily & Madeleine that leans from seamlessly natural to mesmerizingly preternatural, hinting at deeper forces at work than skill and practice. The sisters call what they do “blood harmony,” which feels closer to the truth of their appeal.”
Watch the video for “The Wolf is Free” from Fumes below, head over to NPR to listen to the entire album, and get your tickets for Lily & Madeleine’s show at LPR on Thursday, November 6.

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