Yum’s the Word Yum’s the Word

with Meg Ferrill, Adam Linn, Mark Pagán, Julie Polk & host Robin Gelfenbien

Wed June 17th, 2015


The Gallery

Minimum Age: 21+

Doors Open: 7:00PM

Show Time: 7:30PM

Event Ticket: $15/$20

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$15 advance, $20 at the door

This is a general admission event in The Gallery at LPR.

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Yum’s the Word

Yum’s The Word” is the only show that blends old-school fun with modern-day storytelling. Each month comedic storyteller, Robin Gelfenbien, hosts this unique event replete with Mad Libs, Pin the Hose on the Fireman and her homemade ice cream cakes.*
Join Robin and some of the country’s best storytellers, comedians and writers for a decadent night of stories and treats.
Yum’s The Word official site
Time Out New York Critics’ Pick
“We love Yum’s the Word”

One of “5 Comedy Shows to Watch”
Time Out New York Comedy

One of “5 Top Storytelling Series in NYC”
CBS New York

One of “5 Best Comedy Shows Hosted by Women in NYC”
CBS New York
*Lactaid pills available at every show. Seriously.

Listen to the Yum’s The Word here

Meg Ferrill

Meg Ferrill has appeared at The Moth, Mortified and Amateur Night at the Apollo. She has been hailed by the New York Times as ‘a potential new subscriber.’ She is a comedian and writer who loves details, observations and detailed observations. With three Moth StorySlam wins, she is constantly in search of “this will be such a good story” moments. When not on stage, she can be found with her daughter Chloe, a Corgi mutt who has inherited Meg’s love of sleeping.
Meg Ferrill official site

Adam Linn

Adam Linn Official Website

Adam Linn is an author and essayist who writes about family and social justice. His piece, The Blind man’s French Dog Problem, recently appeared in the New York times, and his Thanksgiving story, Dinner with Wonder Woman, was just featured on the Moth podcast.   He’s currently working on his memoir, Showing Up, which explores the challenges of growing up without a father, going blind, and eventually becoming a father himself. He lives in Manhattan with his wife Ju-Ju, daughters Zoe and Isabelle, and their lovable, but intensely co-dependent German Shepherd, Nadia. www.adamlinn.com

Mark Pagán

Mark Pagán official site | Mark Pagán on Twitter | Mark Pagán on Instagram

Mark Pagán is an award-winning filmmaker, podcast producer, writer, and educator. His work and performances have been shown at festivals and shows worldwide including Slamdance Film Festival, Arizona International Film Festival, Panoply’s Family Ghosts, North Carolina Comedy Arts Festival, Charleston Comedy Festival, RISK!, The Moth, and Story Collider. He currently produces and hosts the award-winning podcast, Other Men Need Help.

Julie Polk

Julie Polk official site | Julie Polk on Twitter | Julie Polk on Instagram | Rasa Advising official site

Julie Polk is delighted to return to Yum’s the Word. She hosts the monthly open mic Story Social at QED Astoria and is the co-founder of Rasa Advising, which uses narrative principles to help public defenders and other criminal justice advocates better serve their clients. She’s told stories on stages, podcasts, and radio shows including RISK!, Tell It, Word, A Very Special Episode, Talk Therapy, Modern Stories Mix, Tall Tales of the City, and the venerable Happy Hour Story Hour, and has taught storytelling for corporations with the Moth and for graduate school journalists at CUNY. She’s working on a Superfun Sekrit Project that she can’t wait to tell you about, as soon as it all comes together.

host Robin Gelfenbien

Robin Gelfenbien Official Website | Robin Gelfenbien on Twitter | Robin Gelfenbien on Instagram | Yum’s the Word on Twitter | Yum’s the Word on Instagram

Robin Gelfenbien is the self-proclaimed Ambassador of Fun and an NYC-based storyteller, writer and comedian. She’s a three-time Moth Story SLAM winner who has performed on PBS, RISK!, Mortified and countless other shows. She’s also shared the stage with Hannah Gadsby, Trevor Noah and more.

Robin is the Creator and Host of the storytelling series and podcast, “Yum’s the Word,” that features her homemade ice cream cakes. The show has been named a New York Times and Time Out New York Critic’s Pick. Guests have included Tim Gunn, Jason Biggs, Joy Behar and stars from “Orange is the New Black.”

New York Magazine called her solo show, “My Salvation Has a First Name: A Wienermobile Journey,” “the highlight of the Fringe” and Time Out New York gave it 4 stars.

She’s performed her original comedy songs at The Kennedy Center, Lincoln Center and on Sirius Radio. She’s also been featured in Marie Claire magazine and she starred in a commercial directed by Spike Lee.

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