H2O 25th Anniversary Show – Toby’s 50th Birthday Bash H2O 25th Anniversary Show – Toby’s 50th Birthday Bash

with Be Well, Wisdom in Chains, Field Day (ex Dag Nasty) & Rend.

Sat July 11th, 2020


Main Space

Minimum Age: All Ages

Doors Open: 4:00PM

Show Time: 4:30PM

Event Ticket: $30

Day of Show: $35

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H2O 25th Anniversary Show – Toby’s 50th Birthday Bash with Wisdom in Chains, Field Day (ex Dag Nasty), Be Well, Rend at LPR – April 4th, 2020

$30 Adv | $35 DOS

H2O: If you claim to be well versed in punk history, you would certainly know that H2O are one of New York’s premiere melodic hardcore punk acts. For more than half a decade now, the NYC quintet have been blasting their specific blend of hardcore energy and pop-friendly melody all around the globe to fans of all kinds of music. H2O have found favor with everybody from the hardcore elite to the mainstream enthusiast. One main reason for this universal appeal is the band’s attitude towards touring and playing live.

Performing an average of 200 shows a year, no one can accuse this hardened bunch of road warriors of not playing it to the bone. After performing with such varied acts as Pennywise, No Doubt, The Misfits and the band that gave them their first break, The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, H2O have accumulated fans all over the world. Through it all, H2O pride themselves on keeping close ties to their fans. The band members answer all their mail personally and can usually be found hanging out in the crowd after their shows. H2O makes it a point to stay grounded. This closeness to their fans is what gives an H2O show its characteristic unified vibe.

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H2O 25th Anniversary Show – Toby’s 50th Birthday Bash

Be Well

Be Well is a new band with deep roots. Musically, it’s emotionally gripping, with an expertly executed blend of melodic hardcore with notes of 90’s post-hardcore influence. The lyrics are deeply personal, and the vocals harken back to early DC bands like Rites of Spring and Embrace. The members include Peter Tsouras (Guitar) and Shane Johnson (Drums) from Fairweather, Mike Schleibaum (guitar) of Darkest Hour, and Aaron Dalbec (Bass) from Bane. Rounding out the quintet is the vocalist, Brian McTernan, who is known for his production work with bands like Circa Survive, Hot Water Music, Turnstile and Thrice. Be Well’s energy is relentless as McTernan chronicles his struggles with depression and fatherhood through lyrics that are equal parts heartbreaking and hopeful. Fans of the individual members’ past work have anxiously awaited Be Well’s first recorded music. What they’ll get in the band’s 7-inch (released on Equal Vision) will undoubtedly live up to the anticipation.

Wisdom in Chains

Wisdom in Chains Official Website | Wisdom in Chains Facebook | Wisdom in Chains Twitter | Wisdom in Chains Instagram |

Founded in early 2003, as a musical collaboration between musicians from both America and Europe, Wisdom In Chains have put their mark on the American and European hardcore, punk and Oi! scene. Richie & Mad Joe, who at the time both were in Krutch (“Whatever It Takes” released on I Scream Records in 2002) started Wisdom In Chains with Maarten from the Dutch band Daredevil and five years, 3 studio albums and some members changes later, Wisdom In Chains released a long-awaited new album called “Everything You Know” which saw its worldwide release on I Scream Records in November 2009.

Field Day (ex Dag Nasty)

| Field Day Facebook | Field Day Twitter | Field Day Instagram |

Peter Cortner and Doug Carrion are probably the most notorious outcasts of the Dag Nasty franchise to date, and they’ve joined forces as Field Day, and began doing shows in the summer 2019 and slated to deliver new music in 2020. Doug and Peter performed on Dag Nasty’s iconic recordings Wig Out at Denko’s (Dischord Records) and Field Day (Giant Records), and played some 300 shows throughout the United States and Canada in the late 80’s. These recordings are credited as cornerstones of what was eventually termed melodic hardcore, and inspired new bands like Pennywise and Rise Against. In 2018 there was a conversation between Brian Baker, Doug and Peter regarding how best, if at all, to perform Wig Out and Field Day songs live. With scheduling and geographic conflicts unavoidable, in 2019 it was agreed that Doug and Peter would forge ahead under the name Field Day, to avoid confusing Dag Nasty fans or promoters. Carrion refers to Field Day as “a perfect time to revisit previous material for the fans, and a way to continue exploring music.” Since his departure from Dag Nasty, Doug Carrion has continued building his long list of credits, ranging from the Descendents to Kottonmouth Kings, while Peter Cortner has remained mostly out of the music world, opting to pursue academia. With a new project at hand, Field Day has presented the perfect opportunity to welcome Peter back into the musical fold.


Formed literally out of a garage, 4 high school boys with a burning passion for rock music are ready to take the next incarnation of rock by storm. From a modest beginning with two songwriters picking at each others brains, REND has become a strong, fast moving and inspired band- Anthony Rosales, Nicolas Munoz, Maximus Morse and Nicolas Valencia who are determined to continue the new renaissance of rock music. Their music, though rough and gritty, stems from the deepest of their emotions and every lyric and chord is evocative of every one of their complex and emotional lives.

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