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Fronted by sisters Monika and Karen Walker, The New Tarot is on a mission to deliver a philosophical, post-pop take on alt-rock. Using melodic sensibilities and yearning questions, the two sisters have been writing music together from a very young age. Karen is a renowned pianist and spent some time at the Hart School of Music studying composition while Monika plays guitar and has a background in philosophy and artificial intelligence. Five years ago they began to record and perform together under the name The New Tarot. They have released 4 Eps, 7 singles and one live album and are set to release their first full-length studio album later this spring. The New Tarot is based out of New York City, and have played both as a five-piece band with three other talented musicians, headlining many of the area’s top venues; as well as a duo playing intimate, acoustic shows, as part of the Sofar circuit, Live FM, and Balcony TV, from New York City to Athens, Greece.

“The New Tarot is indie rock for witchy babes. Equal parts mystical and danceable…” -NYLON Magazine

“The group’s intricate melodies and passionate lyrics give a fresh approach to relationships, mental health, and what it means to be “liked” on Facebook.” -Bust Magazine

“Their guitar-heavy synth pop perfectly complements their lyrics about mental health, relationships, politics, and self-worth.” -Noisey