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Caleb Eberhardt is Rosehardt – a self-produced R&B / hip hop artist from San Francisco, CA, currently residing in Brooklyn, NY.

Coping with the slow and painful loss of his father to Alzheimer’s while subsequently ending a longterm romantic relationship, Rosehardt weaves a harrowing, humble narrative through dynamic productions that bend genre borders at will. A spell-binding lyricist equally capable of visceral verses and soaring, pleading hooks, his progressive compositions reveal an emotional sophistication rarely found amongst contemporaries.

Rosehardt has been writing and producing music for upwards of 10 years, most prominently as one-half of Quincy Vidal, a New York-based hip hop / jazz group heralded for their live performances. Their 2016 release Chi’ren attracted critical acclaim from Billboard, Boiler Room, and Impose Magazine, and helped secure opening slots for Lion Babe, Gabriel Garzón- Montano, and Noname.

Rosehardt’s solo material offers an intimate exploration of his personal history. His music is rooted in gospel and black folk music, echoes of which coat his recent singles, “Fall Into You” and “Bad Song”, with a weathered rawness. Creating soul music for a generation burdened by the weight of history and a depressingly unchanged present, Rosehardt’s songs are earnest treatises on life in America as a young black artist navigating the throes of modernity.

“My audience is my therapist”, says Rosehardt. But the reverse is also true; while traveling with him, we travel within ourselves.

Photo Credit: Maciek Jasik