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The heart of Mighty Kind beats with the lifeblood of rock and roll. Drawing inspiration from the raw grit of New York City and the untamed spirits of the Great Wild; Mighty Kind delivers a timeless blend of driving rhythms layered with groovy electric guitar solos and heartfelt cathartic vocals. Their live shows will leave you feeling enlivened from their relentless pursuit to move you.


Mighty Kind was reborn in the fall of 2015 when four mighty souls reunited with a shared love for all things kind. They reemerged from their day jobs in the urban jungle and ventured back into the wilderness – this time with longer hair and a new fellow troubadour. Once back outside amongst the night – full moon throbbing; they began chanting, striking chords, banging drums, and stomping their bare feet upon the earth.

The fire in the center of their circle glowed so big and so bright that eventually the surrounding bush was set ablaze. Realizing that they had reignited their own inner flames, they made their way back to the edge of the forest. This time with a mission and a message… It was time to Be Mighty. It was time to Be Kind. It was time to share what they had rediscovered.