Broadway’s Babies Gala Broadway’s Babies Gala

Broadway’s Babies uses arts education to bring compassion, empowerment, and possibility to communities-in-need around the world. Since 2016, with the help of the Broadway community and generous donors, we have produced six fundraising concerts totaling over $450,000 raised to benefit more than 400 children across three different countries with 54 dance, music, and visual art classes per week.

Broadway’s Babies partners with existing local and global non-profit organizations that serve children and adults affected by systemic poverty, the caste system, homelessness, mental and physical disability, and those in the LGBTQ+ population in New York City, Haiti, and India. We provide consistent and cumulative programming, partnering with administrators on the ground to create curricula that cater to the unique needs of each program, and proudly boast that 77% of our teachers are members of the communities they serve, setting an example of representation for the industry.