Hauschka Review at Prefix



Hauschka’s Snowflakes & Car Wrecks EP was just reviewed over at Prefix Magazine. They say:

Snowflakes and Car Wrecks is bound to please anyone who enjoyed last fall’s Ferndorf. The seven tracks on this EP are from the same recording session, and while the sound here is stylistically similar, this collection makes a nice addendum to the long player.

Hauschka, or Volker Bertelmann, is a classically trained piano prodigy from Dusseldorf, Germany. His oeuvre is rooted in German classical tradition, but like fellow modern composer Max Richter, he has a post-classical edge. Mr. [Bertel]mann often uses prepared player technique, a tradition that was started over 100 years ago by French composer Erik Satie. Objects like screws, cards, and pieces of plastic are inserted between the piano strings, which gives the keys a percussive crack.

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Hauschka is performing with Mice Parade and ACME on May 14 at (Le) Poisson Rouge.