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Favorite LPR Shows From the Past Five Years – Alcorn Minor



Here are a few of my all time favorite shows of the past five years at LPR:
Atoms for Peace at LPRLiving Colour, Fishbone, Dr. John, Fucked Up, Pentagram, Chilly Gonzales, John Brion, Boris, Brother Josephus and the Love Revival Revolution, Urban Sun, Baby Brother, The Life and Times Of, Villacoma and literally anything that includes Murray Hill.
Also I never mind when Bill Cosby does stand up on our stage, or Thom Yorke spins well past 4am. Or even when Yoko Ono screams dada into our microphones or a man with breasts molests a blowup doll on stage in a bold attempt at performance art. These are only a handful of instances that have entertained, inspired, appalled, and mystified me from day one and have kept me here ever since. God bless us, everyone!

Bill Cosby at LPR

text by Alcorn Minor