Deerhoof is Probably Why I Work in Live Music Today



Back in 2006 or so my alma mater Skidmore booked a tiny show with Deerhoof in our strange ski lodge-like venue. Shortly prior to that I had (somewhat reluctantly) campaigned for and won a position on our school’s radio station board, and Deerhoof was the first show that we were putting on. I had been an avid live music fan for many years but this was my first time behind the scenes. Standing in the back of the empty room during soundcheck the FOH tech told them to play their loudest song, and as soon as they hit the first note I was hooked. There is something that I found undeniably exciting about playing even a small part in making something creative and exciting happen for a crowd.

The show itself was stellar — a small sweaty punk show in essence with the band and a bunch of kids alike going absolutely crazy in our weird little over-lit venue in upstate New York miles away from anything else like it. I helped run door and the excitement of seeing kids of all ages come from miles around for the show was infectious. At the end I talked to some of the guys from the band and while I was undoubtedly too nervous to retain anything I said, I will forever remember Greg Saunier’s distinctive and amazing laugh.

It seems kind of fitting that almost a decade later Deerhoof is one of the artists who have played LPR most often in my tenure here. While they’ve changed plenty over the years, I always make a point to catch their set. And let’s be honest, you should too.

(Deerhoof plays LPR on May 3rd with Tomaga and Awkwafina)


posted by Zan