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Clash City Video at Beam&Deem’s “Just Another Day” Album Release Party



Philadelphia beat-makers Beam&Deem will be celebrating the release of their upcoming album, Just Another Day, in the Gallery at LPR on the 30th. To make the evening a little bit sweeter, visuals will be provided by Rich Loftus of Clash City Video. Clash City has collaborated with various artists on both Paxico Records & Altered Ego Collective in the past, utilizing imagery that is cryptic, nostalgic, and everything in between! Check some of them out below:
Josh Hey: Shoulda

Josh Hey ‘Shoulda’ from Clash City Video on Vimeo.
Swarvy: Flowin

SWARVY ‘flown’ from Clash City Video on Vimeo.
FLOTE: The Cascades

FLOTE ‘The Cascades’ from Clash City Video on Vimeo.
Binary Bits (Zachary Caterelli of Beam&Deem): Space Rivers featuring Dan Kassel

Binary Bits ‘Space Rivers’ from Clash City Video on Vimeo.
With the Clash City crew on board, this evening of new music will be taking a mind-bending turn. Join us on Thursday, January 30th! For more information, click here.

posted by M.B.D.