5 Questions with Kate Ferber



Singer-Songwriter Kate Ferber has kept busy leading up to her LPR performance on June 13, touring with John Mellencamp and Stephen King’s musical thriller, Ghost Brother of Darkland County, and performing her original one woman show, One Child Born: The Music of Laura Nyro over in Boston. Check out our exclusive interview with Kate below.
Tell our readers about yourself and how you first started making music.
I have my parents to thank for exposing me to music straight out of the womb. Music on the stereo and dance parties in the living room. Piano lessons by 5 years old, dance classes before that. School plays and voice lessons soon after. I wrote my first song at age 12 and it hasn’t stopped.
Songwriter’s Orchestra brings musicians from countless genres together. The ensemble features vocalists from Broadway, up and coming rock guitarists, and more. What’s your musical background? What do you bring to the ensemble?
My aesthetic is a hybrid of neo soul and rock music.
What does it mean to be a part of the Songwriter’s Orchestra? Are you traditionally a solo performer or do you play music with a band? What sort of experience can our readers expect on June 13?
I usually play with a full band, so playing with Songwriter’s Orchestra means exposing the raw materials of the song: melody, lyric, harmony, and showcasing Solomon’s amazing arrangements.
On June 13th you can expect songwriters to be blown away by their OWN material- hearing my songs played by such a big ensemble in a new way is the most exciting experience I’ve had with my original music.
Can you tell us a bit about a concert you truly enjoyed being part of? Who was on the bill? What was the venue?
My close friend Brittany Campbell and I played Rough Trade in Feb 2016! Now we happen to be performing at LPR June 13th together!!
Do you have any pre-show rituals (or even, superstitions) that you have to do before taking the stage?
No dairy!!
Check out Kate Ferber, Brittany Campbell, Olivia Harris, Janet Krupin, Britton Smith, Jazze Belle (Taylor Simone + Jett Carter), and Solomon Hoffman live with The Songwriters Orchestra on Monday, June 13!