XII Encuentro NYC Colombian Music Festival XII Encuentro NYC Colombian Music Festival

with M.A.K.U. SoundSystem, Laura Kalop, Juan Andres Ospina, Grupo Rebolú, Gregorio Uribe and his 16-piece big band, Flórez/Gallo Duo, Pablo Mayor-Folklore Urbano Orchestra “El Barrio Project”, Diego Obregon’s Grupo Chonta, Sebastian Cruz Cheap Landscape, Alejandro Zuleta Vallenato Collective, Chia’s Dance Party, Nilko Andreas Guarín, Fidel Cuellar (with Luiz Ebert), Johanna Castañeda y su Grupo Llanero & Pajarillo Pinta’o Dance Company

Sat November 16th, 2013


Main Space

Minimum Age: All Ages

Doors Open: 3:30PM

Show Time: 4:00PM

Event Ticket: $25

Day of Show: $30

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Pablo and Anna Mayor present the 10th anniversary of their ENCUENTRO NYC Colombian Music festival in a celebration of the now rooted and ever-vibrant scene of renowned and emerging Colombian New York-based artists. ENCUENTRO NYC brings this wealth of talent and innovation onto one stage, joyfully and proudly showcasing Colombia’s abundance of rhythms and styles and the artists who are breathing new life into these traditions.
The annual ENCUENTRO NYC/Encounter of Colombian Musicians in New York music festival, founded by Colombian bandleader, pianist, and composer Pablo Mayor and his wife flutist Anna Povich de Mayor, continues in its effort to provide a platform for Colombian artists in New York to present their art, while bringing these treasures to the attention of the international audience.

The festival coincides with PAMAR’S Latin American Culture Week opening series of events, using the opportunity to showcase Colombia’s rich musical heritage and developments to the broader international and Latin American community.

The six-hour back-to-back showcase will feature music for dancing and music for listening, in the Encuentro’s signature ambiance that keeps its audience captivated from the time they enter the door until the final sixth hour.
FEATURED ARTISTS (see bios and links below):

The masters and proponents of Colombia’s coastal traditions with:

Grupo Chonta
-Grupo Rebolú – Alejandro Zuleta Vallenato Collective
Music from Colombia’s interior, guitar-dominated Andean region with:

-Laura Kalop
– Flórez/Gallo Duo
Fusions of Colombia’s traditions with contemporary sounds:

Gregorio Uribe Big Band
– Pablo Mayor-Folklore Urbano – Sebastián Cruz and his Cheap Landscape Trio – Chia’s Dance Party
– Juan Andrés Ospina
– Fidel Cuellar and Luiz Ebert quintet
Traditional music from Colombia’s Plains region:
Johanna Castañeda y su Grupo Llanero
Classical music:
Nilko Andreas Guarín
Pajarillo Pinta’o Dance Company
$25 ADV
$30 DOS
$20 Students (at door only)
$15 minors (at door, accompanied by legal guardian)
This is a general admission, standing event. Happy hour from 3:30-4:30pm including $3 beer and $5 well drinks.
This event will be streamed live online through LPR’s streaming channel, beginning at 4pm.

the artists the artists


XII Encuentro NYC Colombian Music Festival

ENCUENTRO NYC unites New York City’s Colombian talent every year presenting nearly 60 musicians on one stage. Founded in 2003 by Colombian pianist, composer and bandleader Pablo Mayor, the festival celebrates the richness of the traditions of Colombian music, while at the same time supporting the innovations and developments of these traditions. Past artists have featured special guests Totó la Momposina, Plectro Trio, and such local artists as MAKU SoundSystem, Edmar Castañeda, Lucía Pulido, Marta Gómez, Samuel Torres, Hector Martignon, Pablo Mayor’s Folklore Urbano Orchestra, Gregorio Uribe Big Band, Grupo Chonta, Grupo Rebolú, Sebastián Cruz, Alejandro Flórez, La Cumbiamba ENeYe, Johanna Castaneda y su Grupo Llanero, Ricardo Gallo, and Chia’s Dance Party, among others. A grass-roots production of the husband/wife duo, musicians Pablo and Anna Mayor, ENCUENTRO NYC’s broader mission is to promote Colombian culture in the U.S.A., positively transforming the external face of Colombia through the voices of its artists young and old.

M.A.K.U. SoundSystem

M.A.K.U Sound System is an immigrant band form New York City. With most of its members hailing from Colombia, M.A.K.U embodies an active quest for identity through sound and bodies in motion. Born in 2010 the band has independently released two full-length albums, one EP, and toured across the country with their fiery grooves.
M.A.K.U’s distinctive sound is enriched with a variety of musical backgrounds brought to the table by each of its members. Although not inherently discernible there are hints of Cumbia, Psychedelic-rock and Caribbean grooves. It all comes together through a DIY attitude of getting things done, from composing to releasing independent records, M.A.K.U is as much about the music as it is about a way of life.
On stage MA.K.U juxtaposes traditional Colombian percussion, drum-set, synthesizers, electric base, guitar and sizzling horns, creating an explosive performance filled with unshakable grooves. Lyrically M.A.K.U talks about the realities of everyday people encompassing love, hardships, culture, and the immigrant experience but with a positive, spiritual and sometimes humorous spin.)

Laura Kalop

Laura Kalop is a Colombian singer and songwriter. Her passion for gospel, soul and pop, together with the years of training and natural musical ability, have greatly contributed to her projects. Through her father, Colombian Andean music has also had a strong influence for Laura’s career. She has been featured in two of the most important festivals in Colombia, ¨Festival Mono Núñez¨ and ¨Ruitoqueño Festival”. The development of a new musical proposal came from the two influences mentioned above. They have led to this elaborated project that combines innovating sounds with memorable melodies and offer a new look at Colombian music.
Laura has had the opportunity to perform at diverse and important scenarios in Colombia, such as the Luis Angel Arango Concert Hall (Colombia), The National Museum (Colombia), and recently at the Ernesto Díaz Almécida auditorium, with the Juvenile Symphonic Colombian Orchestra (Colombia), among others.
She’s currently doing a Vocal Performance master’s degree at New York University, and working in the SEA’s Theater production “Romance”, as part of the principal roles in the cast.
“Laura possesses an excellent voice, but above all, she knows how to use it in both styles she wants to combine. On faith that she succeeds.”…”What is evident on Laura’s music is that she strongly expresses her vital concerns as a contemporary urban woman whose profession is being an artist. In this way, she actively commits to express her reality. Perhaps, can there be something more authentic?”
Manuel Bernal (Program notes) Young Performer Series, Bank of the Colombian Republic 2012.
Laura Kalop on Spotify

Juan Andres Ospina

Juan Andrés Ospina publishes his CD “BBB: Barcelona, Bogotá, Boston” in 2009. The music of the album compilates original pieces that Ospina composed during his years in the three cities that give name to the album, in which he combines elements from the jazz idiom (such as the improvisation, the instrumentation and the harmonic language) with more traditional ones taken from Colombian styles such as the cumbia, the pasillo and the bambuco. The repertoire has been requested for educational purposes from institutions such as the NEC (New England Conservatory), the Universidad Javeriana (Bogotá, Colombia), Berklee College of Music and the UNT (University of North Texas), and legendary saxophist Paquito D´Rivera included one of the pieces of the album into the repertoire he currently performs with his quintet.

Juan Andres Ospina official site

Juan Andres Ospina Facebook official

Grupo Rebolú

Is an Afro-Colombian musical ensemble comprised of some of the finest Colombian musicians in the United States. The group came out of the desire of Ronald Polo (vocalist/composer/gaitero) and Morris Canate (master folkloric percussionist) to promote the rich musical traditions of their ancestors; the Afro-descendents of Colombia’s Caribbean coast.
It is their belief that these folkloric traditions should continually evolve over time and with the ideas of new generations of folklorists, a belief surely reflected in their music.
The original compositions of Ronald Polo forge new paths for Colombian music while respectfully remaining faithful to its ancestral roots. In the process, they create a truly unique musical and cultural experience.
From traditional songs to original compositions, the entirety of Rebolu’s repertoire is loaded with energy, history and danceability. Their unique reinterpretations of traditional Afro-Colombian rhythms such as Gaita, Tambora, Chalupa and Bullerengue, among others, make it extremely well suited not only for festivals and cultural events, but also for nightclubs. We hope you listen and enjoy..
Grupo Rebolú official site

Gregorio Uribe and his 16-piece big band

Colombian Big Band-leader Gregorio Uribe is one of the most promising artists in New York City’s Latin music scene. He was born and raised in Bogotá, Colombia where he spent his teenage years playing drum set in rock bands, accordion in Vallenato serenades and guitar in a Bolero trio. At the age of 17 he backpacked through eight countries in South America performing in streets, buses and beaches of big cities and small towns. Later, Gregorio studied at Berklee College Of Music where he was awarded the Steve Gadd Zildjian Scholarship Award and graduated Summa Cum Laude in 2007. He moved to New York City in 2008 and has since then established himself firmly in the heart of the city’s music scene.
Gregorio Uribe Big Band
Today, at the age of 28, Gregorio is the leader of the Gregorio Uribe Big Band (GUBB): a 16-piece ensemble that combines Colombian rhythms such as Cumbia and Chandé with funk and powerful Jazz arranging techniques. The band has a unique combination of some of New York’s top musicians from different backgrounds such as Argentina, USA, Canada, Mexico and Colombia. Their live performances consist of a remarkable combination of trumpets, trombones and clarinets soaring over an amazing percussion section and the leader of the band dancing to the beat while rocking out on his accordion. GUBB is reminiscent of the vintage Colombian Big Bands of the 50’s and 60’s such as those lead by Lucho Bermúdez and Pacho Galán. However, through Gregorio’s compositions and arrangements this ensemble gives the Big Band format, a young, fresh and modern concept that is not found elsewhere today. In February 2013 the band completed two years of their residency at Zinc Bar in the Greenwich Village where they perform on the first Thursday of every month sharing Colombian and Latin rhythms with hundreds of people from all corners of the world. Their single “Caribe Contigo” was featured on MTV’s Tr3s for four weeks in the US and the UK.

Flórez/Gallo Duo

Originally from Bogotá Colombia, pianist Ricardo Gallo and guitarist Alejandro Flórez have been generating several projects that relate contemporary musical expressions to the musical traditions of their homeland. In this duo project, they present their own pieces inspired by the music from the Colombian Andes. Alejandro Flórez plays in this project tiple and bandola, two traditional string instruments from the region. Gallo and Flórez explore the possibilities of improvisation and composition departing from the sounds of these instruments.

Pablo Mayor-Folklore Urbano Orchestra “El Barrio Project”

Pablo Mayor-Folklore Urbano Orchestra “El Barrio Project” with Colombian singer ALEA and guest vocalists David Frankel (Avenue B salsa dura band), Roni Baró (Orquesta Broadway, Africando), and percussionist Danny Gonzalez (Orquesta Broadway)
With “El Barrio Project’ Pablo Mayor brings his renowned, high-powered Folklore Urbano Orchestra into the heart of El Barrio in Manhattan’s Spanish Harlem, rich in cultural diversity where many of Latin music’s legendary artists lived and worked. His set will debut their first video, and feature dance music that blends cumbia and other Colombian rhythms with salsa and other styles found in Manhattan’s Harlem community.
Pablo Mayor-Folklore Urbano Orchestra official site

Diego Obregon’s Grupo Chonta

Diego Obregón was born on February 8, 1971 in Guapi, Colombia. He began to play bombo and cununo with master marimba player Silvino Mina. Eventually Diego would join Silvino Mina’s Group as well as the main folkloric group of his hometown, Grupo Folklórico Representativo de Guapi.
At the age of 24, Diego moved to La Tola, Nariño, where he learned to make and play the marimba. After a year, Diego moved to Cali where he opened his own marimba shop. Some of the groups in which Diego has played include Raíces Negras, Los Bogas del Pacífico, Groupo Naidy, La Cumbiamba Eneye, Folklore Urbano and Marta Gómez.
Today, Diego Obregón resides in New York, where he is developing his new Project, Grupo Chonta.


Sebastian Cruz Cheap Landscape

Sebastian Cruz is a versatile Colombian guitarist who keeps a distinctive sound marked by creativity, soulfulness, and a deep commitment to the music across different styles. An accomplished composer, lyricist and songwriter, Cruz has released two albums with his Colombian infused songwriting project ‘Coba,’ featuring some of the most interesting singers in the Latin American scene in NY. He has composed, arranged and directed for Lucía Pulido and La Cumbiamba eNeYé, two influential projects at the forefront of a new wave of Colombian music. His project, The Cheap Landscape Trio, which has included some of the most daring improvisers such as Stomu Takeishi and Ruben Samama on bass, Ted Poor, Joe Saylor and Satoshi Takeishi on drums, and Jason Lindner on keyboards, departs from Colombian roots into an exploration of the force of the power trio, the energy of punk rock, and the spontaneity of creative improvisation. Cruz also composes for film, theatre and dance and has received prestigious awards including the Van Leer fellowship from meet the composer, and an ASCAP for the composition of a song for theatre.
Sebastián Cruz Cheap Landscape Trio official site

Alejandro Zuleta Vallenato Collective

“Alejandro combines so many precious qualities so beloved by artists and producers and yet so rarely found all together: phenomenal gifts on his instrument, dazzling creativity and the ability to write without effort in many different musical genres.” Jorge Luis Piloto.
New York based composer and pianist Alejandro Zuleta; was born in Bogotá, Colombia. Carrying the Zuleta’s family legacy a long line of celebrated Colombian Vallenato musicians and son of Emiro Zuleta one of the most prolific songwriters of his generation. Alejandro grew up surrounded by this wonderful musical environment and soon acquired a versatile and distinctive voice.

Chia’s Dance Party

CHIA’s Dance Party is a New York City-based Quintet. The band delivers a unique musical experience where infectious danceable grooves mix harmoniously with extensive compositional and improvisational work. The quintet performs original material inspired by the Colombian rhythmic and melodic traditions, yet explores different genres and compositional approaches. CHIA’s Dance Party has a distinct sound as a result of the diverse background of its musicians. Ben Stapp, an exceptional tuba player brings his vast experience in experimental, Jazz and classical music. Alex Terrier on soprano sax delivers the best, virtuosic sounds of modern jazz. Justin Wood on alto sax and flute adds adventurous and fearless contemporary sounds and concepts. Rafi Malkiel on Euphonium brings his Middle Eastern, Salsa Dura, and Colombian sounds to complement this stellar ensemble. All of these sounds are catalyzed by musical director and composer, Martín Vejarano on Drums.


Nilko Andreas Guarín

Since his Carnegie hall Solo debut in 2009 performing with the Azlo Orchestra, Nilko Andreas has been performing extensively on two continents as a soloist and chamber musician, in venues such as WIldthurn castle in Germany, Carnegie Hall, and the Strathmore Hall, Teatro municipal de Rio de Janeiro and Adolfo Mejia (Heredia) Theater in Cartagena. Awarded several awards including “The Recognition Award” by the city of New York for his contributions to the Arts. Other engagements include “Concerto de Aranjuez” with The Schenzhen Symphonic orchestra in China, European tour with Austrian Violist Firmian Lermer, concerts in Brazil with Barra Mansa Symphonic orchestra and soprano Angelica de la Riva, and solo concerts in Colombia, Austria, Switzerland as well as Performing at Carnegie Hall in December 12 2012. On a program dedicated to Colombian and Brazilian composers, called Amazonas 12.12.12

Fidel Cuellar (with Luiz Ebert)

Colombian pianist Fidel Cuellar has built a fruitful career as a sidemen in the local Afro-latin and modern jazz scenes, playing with the likes of Bobby Sanabria, John Benitez, Carlos del Pino, Rafael Monteagudo, and Vince Cherico, among many others. In 2007, Fidel moved to New York from his home city of Bogotá to continue his studies in jazz at The City College of New York, graduating Suma Cum Laude in 2009. He is now presenting his debut album, Audiograph, produced along with Brazilian drummer Luiz Ebert, in a quintet featuring some of New York’s most promising up-and-coming musicians: Livio Almeida on saxophones, Will Caviness on trumpet, and Ian Stapp on bass.
Fidel Cuellar official site

Johanna Castañeda y su Grupo Llanero

Johanna Castañeda, vocals, cuatro, Colombian percusión, was born in Bogotá, Colombia. From a modest home, but full of artistic tradition, Johanna started her career dancing at an early age by attending the Centro Cultural Llanero, a school of folkloric music in Bogotá that specialized in rhythms from the eastern Colombian plains (llanos orientales), where she was exposed to typical rhythms, typical songs, dances, and instruments of the region. Her favorite was the cuatro, which she studied along with voice. At eight years of age, she was enrolled in the music conservatory of Tunja, Boyaca, where she alternated her regular academia curriculum with harp, music theory and singing lessons. At age 15, she and her brother, renowned harpist Edmar Castañeda, migrated to the USA. Since living in New York, she has performed regularly with her husband, Ronald Polo’s, group Grupo Rebolú, as well as Jimmy Bosch as back-up singer, traveling extensively and performing at such venues as Ravinia Concert Hall in Chicago and Kennedy Center in WA.DC (the inauguration of George Bush). She has collaborated with many artists, including RIcky Gonzalez, Milton Cardona, Alfredo Valdez Jr., Montvale Rumba album, Pacha Massive, among others.

Pajarillo Pinta’o Dance Company

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