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VISUALS is Andrew Fox, a vocalist, multi-instrumentalist and producer from New York City.

Fox began crafting the songs that would become VISUALS in 2012. A long-standing working relationship with Dave Harrington, Nicolas Jaar’s partner in DARKSIDE, led to VISUALS joining Jaar’s Other People crew and releasing an acclaimed self-titled debut EP.

In October 2013, Fox swapped Brooklyn for Berlin and left behind a studio full of gear, finding freedom in the limitation of a laptop.  Working with his voice as a primary instrument led to an intensified focus on melody, and opened moods previously inaccessible. 

Whilst the dominance of house and techno in Berlin’s club scene has undoubtedly influenced his music, Fox also consciously counters that, balancing his recent work with some unmistakably American indie traits. He has honed a new sound, combining aspects of traditional songwriting and structure within this electronic context. His gift for memorable hooks and compelling melody remains the focus, with dance floor arrangements and sounds providing endless new possibilities.