The NY Pin Up Club presents: A Little Tease The NY Pin Up Club presents: A Little Tease

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Dandy Dillinger

Dandy Dillinger started modeling for the NY Pin Up Club back in 2008 and has been a Burlesque performer in NYC for almost 4 years now. She is the Current Miss Art Deco NY and is known for her vintage costumes, styling, and parties. She’s the co-producer of The Repeal Society and was a regular host of Club Wit’s End.

Minx Arcana

Minx Arcana is “The Dark Flame of Desire,” a sultry NYC burlesque vixen whose signature style infuses sumptuous vintage glamour with hints of noir, the occult, and a rock ‘n’ roll spirit.

Minx has graced stages in North America and Europe, with notable performances at The Prague Fringe Festival (2016), The New York Burlesque Festival (2015 & 2013), The Miss Coney Island Pageant (2015), The Toronto Burlesque Festival (2015), The Show Me Burlesque & Vaudeville Festival (2015), and The Vancouver International Burlesque Festival (2014). As a regular and touring performer with The Pink Room: David Lynch Burlesque, she is delighted to have been crowned “Miss Twin Peaks 2015” for her homage to Twin Peaks’ neo-noir femme fatale, Josie Packard. Versed in both classic and neo-burlesque, Minx thrives on bewitching her audiences with her lavish & original costuming and her uniquely mysterious allure.

Clara Coquette

Clara Coquette is a New York City based burlesque performer, producer, and model who was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. She is a vintage vixen, a nimble nerd, and a cunning chameleon. She moved to New York in 2009 and stumbled upon the glamorous, glittery, and geeky world of burlesque. Clara made her performing debut in 2011 and has been balancing burlesque with her full time career in medical science research ever since. Clara is the producer of The Guild of Libidinous Intent: A Burlesque Tribute to the Venture Bros. and A Dream Within A Dream: A Burlesque Tribute to Edgar Allan Poe as well as a co-producer of The Persistence of Nudity: A Burlesque Tribute to Salvador Dali.


Justease is an international burlesque performer based out of NYC. She is a classically trained dancer with a love for old Hollywood glamour. Justease mesmerizes her audience with her grace, glamour and coquettish style.

Le Grand Chaton

Le Grand Chaton, meaning “The Big Kitten” in French, is a wacky gem in the burlesque world. She recently moved to New Jersey, but still hangs around her old New York haunts. Chaton got her start with a show called “A Burlesque Soiree” and has been clawing her way up the burlesque ladder ever since. Now you can find her performing with Naughty Noir, Hotsy Totsy Burlesque, Nurse Bettie, and much more. When she isn’t performing you can find this cat taking a nap or enjoying a purrrrfectly good glass of wine. Enjoy “The Cat’s Pajamas of Burlesque!”

DJ Ceremony

DJ Ceremony has played at well over 150 venues in and around New York City since 2001. He is the current producer and DJ of the celebrated NYC Smiths & Morrissey fan party “Oscillate Wildly,” which is now in its eighth year. He also founded and co-produced a weekly neo-burlesque and variety show: “Corruption At Tammany Hall” in 2012, and produces an array of specialized themed parties on select dates around New York City. He can currently be heard at his two weekly DJ residencies: Berlin in the East Village (Wednesdays), and Transmission in Jersey City (Fridays).