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Celestial Shore’s debut EP California Eden clocks in at four tracks in seven minutes flat. In that brief span, it shifts gears recklessly between multi-threaded, intensely melodic motifs – the collected effect is one of gunning your ’41 woody straight off the pier, smack through the loop-de-loop, and out into the surf. The Brooklyn-based trio followed this EP with the Place Aux Dames 7″ on Double Denim Records, and late last year released a four-song all-analog split tape with Shopping Spree on Prison Art.

Celestial Shore will release their debut full-length record entitled 10x this spring. Mixed by Greg Saunier (Deerhoof), 10x expands on the band’s earlier outings with more fully-developed song structures, offering more room to employ its growing bag of tricks – the odd beats dropped here or there, muscly breakneck spazzouts, and ecstatic wind-up reveries that immediately distinguish their sound and feel.