Borrowed Cash: Busted! The Reunion Tour Borrowed Cash: Busted! The Reunion Tour

BORROWED CASH skyrocketed to fame and international popularity with their Grammy winning record “PASSIONATE KISSES”, but their success was soon derailed by a shocking scandal that shook the music industry to its core. Tonight is the first time that original band members Ann Marie Mayfield, Harper Stanton and Jooles Nelson have been onstage together in fifteen years, playing all the hits we know and love.

In the interim, Ann Marie is best known as the spokesperson for “CHICKEN PICKIN TASTY CHICKEN BITS” (who is also a valued co-sponsor of BORROWED CASH: BUSTED! THE REUNION TOUR). She is known for singing the jingle, “If I’ma Pickin Chickin, It’s gotta be Chicken Pickin”.

Harper has struggled with shoplifting charges, brief incarceration and is experiencing a resurgence of fame in Japan as a guest celebrity host on the hit game show “Mr.You are Happy Times Yes No?”

Jooles Nelson was the only band member who managed to remain unscathed and has written piano tracks for many famous bands including Sugarshoes, Ripe Dog, and Lula and the Meat Cleavers. He dedicates tonight’s performance to his seven Corgis.

BORROWED CASH would like to welcome Steve W. from Sony Records to the kick-off engagement at LPR, and the band is eagerly looking forward to a possible recording contract pending the evening’s success.

BORROWED CASH: BUSTED! THE REUNION TOUR, THE DOCUMENTARY will be partially screened and shot during the show, and was almost accepted into ALL the major festivals. Netflix has been contacted about streaming the documentary but has not returned the band’s calls…yet.

There is talk of a possible 2017 Broadway run of the band’s life story. This talk is mostly in Ann Marie’s sleep after one of her breakdowns, but it is talk nonetheless.