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all boy/all girl ignore the conventions of genre or aesthetic continuity. Always curious, and wandering to unfamiliar places looking for familiar sounds. They combine orchestral instruments with your typical rock n’ roll outfit, casually traversing key signatures, and augmenting time signatures to create their own version of pop music.

The band was formed in 2012 when vocalist Danielle Lovier and upright bassist/guitarist Nicholas Rahn recorded a handful of off-kilter songs in their Brooklyn bedroom. The recordings were saturated with thick layers of vocal harmonies, arco bass, and acoustic guitar. The band soon grew into those arrangements. Now, three releases later, the band has explored many different sonic domains and instrumentations. Their output ranges from Pixies-esqu pop/rock gems, to lush orchestral pieces, to haunting fast-food mantras . As the sounds shift from one song to another the energy is uniquely all boy/all girl.

After the release of their LP Slagroom and consequent touring in 2016, the band left the city and moved to rural South-Eastern Georgia, where they spent two months writing and recording new music. Set for release in June 2017, their EP Troubleshooting addresses darker subjects and takes on a more personal perspective. On the title track, Lovier is brutally vulnerable as she tries to make sense of a relationship which has stopped working, asking finally “is it plugged in”?