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Son of the legendary sarod maestro Ali Akbar Khan, Alam Khan has been touching the hearts of audiences worldwide for over a decade. For this special concert celebrating what would have been his father’s 95th birthday, he will be joined by Nitin Mitta on tabla. Alam was blessed to learn and live in the traditional style of Guru and student. Ali Akbar Khan’s careful crafting and guidance show in each note as well as in Alam’s imaginative way of expressing ancient ragas. He has toured worldwide and established himself as Ali Akbar Khan’s true heir and the face of a new generation of sarod players.

Ali Akbar Khan was a legendary Hindustani classical musician and sarod virtuoso. Along with Ravi Shankar, Khan was instrumental in popularizing Indian classical music in the West, both as a performer and as a teacher. He established a music school in Calcutta in 1956, and the Ali Akbar College of Music in California in 1967 at which Alam is now the teacher of advanced instrumental classes.

“Maestro Ali Akbar Khan’s true heir and torchbearer of the Maihar Gharana” – The Hindu